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After what was surely a year for the books, 2013 is finally upon us.  At the studio, the attitude has been to hit the ground running and so far this week has seen everything from museum audio tours to some fresh hip hop vocals recorded, mixed, and mastered.  We’ve also been undergoing some exciting changes, and, after assessing what 2012 has brought us, are looking forward to making great leaps forward in this new year.

With that said, we are proud to announce the addition of our newest member to the Sweetsounds lineup of all-star engineers: Mr. Nick Miller.  Nick has a long and accomplished career as an engineer, producer, and instrumentalist.  He has worked with legends such as Billy Joel and Patti Smith, and his work has ranged from recording rock and jazz to voiceover, film/post mixing, and more.  Nick’s energy is electric, and he has already found himself at home here with the vibe at Sweetsounds.  We are very excited to hear the work he will be doing at the studio, and there are already some big projects lined up.  For more information on Nick, check out his full bio here.

In anticipation for some these new exciting projects in pipeline, we’ve also already started to beef up our collection of software plugins as well.  As of this month, we now have added Native Instruments’ new experimental distortion effect “Driver” (and are waiting to give it a test spin!) as well as the the EMT 250 Classic Reverb from Universal Audio to both the Broadway and Crosby rooms.  Further, each of our control rooms has received it’s own special Christmas gift this year: Crosby has been armed with Universal Audio’s Magnetic Tape Bundle, and Broadway now features the highly praised Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor plugin.

With that said, it’s back to the grind: we are gearing up and ready for another action-packed year of high quality recording, mixing, and production.  Look for more updates soon and remember that no matter what, look to make 2013 the year of the music.  Here at the studio, that’s our number one goal.


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