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We thank you for all your business over the years. As of January 2017, SweetSounds is Closed!

SweetSounds Studio is everything you need in the modern recording world.  SweetSounds is an elevated studio experience, embodying the living breathing culture of SoHo and downtown NYC.  SweetSounds is a community representative of independent and signed artists who are looking to break through the noise, and focus on creating next level music.

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1-800-716-2088   |   594 Broadway, Suite 908, New York, NY 10012

The New 'Crosby' room has arrived....

After 6 years of being in the studio business,  we are starting to understand what our 'Sweet' spot really is and have focused on developing and growing the studio even further.   This year has shown tremendous growth for our brand with new musicians and artists, Grammy award winning mix engineers, authors and celebrity media moguls recording in our studios.    This is all part of the excitement, but the core momentum of all this started about 8 months ago when our Studio Director Andrew Travis and I decided it was time to take things up a notch with our 'Crosby Room'.  We planned around an aesthetic that was both comfortable to work in but yet boutique and best described as 'other worldly chic' when you enter the studio.  The hard work and planning culminated in our working alongside Studio designer Nick Emmett who help craft custom new sound paneling and who helped update a lot of the new aesthetic elements you will see in the studio today.  

On the gear side of things,  we decided to say a bittersweet goodbye to our Neve 5088 and transform the direction of the gear in the room.   Working with our head tech and engineer Jay Wu Jun Yow  we brought in a much more modern and fast moving work flow with a dual widescreen setup and an array of new gear.  Some of this includes a new Sterling Modular desk with preamps from API, Neve, Great River and Focusrite.  We also added the Avid artist mix series control surface and a Grace Designs monitor controller.  Pairing this all with our Apogee Symphony converters,  and the Legacy Audio Focus SE Speakers,  has allowed us to offer a avery robust mix of the best in both analog and digital workflow.  The room has the perfect blend of elements for drum tracking , production, mixing and vocal/instrument tracking.  It has already yielded some strong results for early users and we're excited about where it's going to take our client projects this year.  

Looking forward to seeing you at the studio very soon.  

Dinesh Boaz

Executive Producer / Founder

SweetSounds Studios