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We thank you for all your business over the years. As of January 2017, SweetSounds is Closed!

SweetSounds Studio is everything you need in the modern recording world.  SweetSounds is an elevated studio experience, embodying the living breathing culture of SoHo and downtown NYC.  SweetSounds is a community representative of independent and signed artists who are looking to break through the noise, and focus on creating next level music.

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1-800-716-2088   |   594 Broadway, Suite 908, New York, NY 10012

Studio manager Alec Bahta on transitioning and his next steps

Hi there, Alec Bahta here, the studio manager for the summer. I started out as an intern at the studio less than a year ago in the fall of 2015, so the shift was unexpected, but, although It was a tough role to step into so fast, I think I handled it really well

During my internship I learned a lot about how a studio is run and got to sit in on some really cool sessions. I am an aspiring musician and artist, but I am interested in the technical side of music — a producer and mixer myself — so I thought a studio internship would be more exciting than an internship at a record label.

I ended up loving the home-y vibe of the studio and reapplied to be an intern this summer. I worked a few days a week helping with booking and assisting here and there. I became the studio manager in a right-place-right-time scenario, and helped keep the studio running in a tough time of transition.

Now, I am blessed with the opportunity to study experimental production and recording in Berlin with Jan St. Werner, a world renown electronic musician and tech wizard. It's an opportunity I cannot pass up on, and I’m excited to see what Europe has to offer.

Brian Friedlander, a recent NYU grad and former intern of SweetSounds Studios will be taking over as the studio manager. He’s already part of the SweetSounds family, and I’m sure he will help the studio transition seamlessly into the Fall and beyond. 

As a way of parting, I’ve made an August playlist highlighting New York artists, mostly friends or young artists that I admire. I hope you enjoy!