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We thank you for all your business over the years. As of January 2017, SweetSounds is Closed!

SweetSounds Studio is everything you need in the modern recording world.  SweetSounds is an elevated studio experience, embodying the living breathing culture of SoHo and downtown NYC.  SweetSounds is a community representative of independent and signed artists who are looking to break through the noise, and focus on creating next level music.

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SweetSounds is Now Offering Production and Engineering Classes...

...And This Is Your Classroom!

SweetSounds Senior Engineer/Producer Josh Giunta and Head Mixer/Producer Mike Kuz cover a wide array of production from Hip Hop to R&B, and Pop to Rock.  This summer, we will be holding private, one-on-one classes that will be focused on breaking down and giving in depth explanations on how to perfect the art of both production as well as engineering, with a concentration in mixing.  These classes are designed to be extremely hands-on, giving participants a unique chance to get out of the classroom setting and into a real, luxury state-of-the-art studio.  

 Click above to see who Mike Kuz has been working with recently.

Click above to see who Mike Kuz has been working with recently.

These one-on-one classes will include :

Mixing techniques

Developing a session workflow

Production and Starting/completing ideas

Working with vocalists/musicians

Vocal tracking using outboard gear

Editing techniques in Pro Tools

Effective use of outboard gear





We are striving to enable students of all ages to enhance their artistic skills, as well as sharpen their minds by learning from some of the best musical mentors in New York City.  Both Josh and Mike have engineering/production experience with Grammy-nominated artists, Broadway performers, and some of New York City's most popular artists.  Check out some of their more recent works on the Meet The Team page.

Mike Kuz

Production Reel

Josh Giunta

Production Reel


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