SweetSounds Studio

We thank you for all your business over the years. As of January 2017, SweetSounds is Closed!

SweetSounds Studio is everything you need in the modern recording world.  SweetSounds is an elevated studio experience, embodying the living breathing culture of SoHo and downtown NYC.  SweetSounds is a community representative of independent and signed artists who are looking to break through the noise, and focus on creating next level music.

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1-800-716-2088   |   594 Broadway, Suite 908, New York, NY 10012

Studio Etiquette:

It should be understood that all sessions will start ON TIME. Be properly prepared by planning on arriving 15 minutes early, or call ahead to potentially arrive earlier. Billing for studio time begins promptly at the scheduled time.

All setup time will be billed as regular studio time, or at predetermined rate negotiated with the studio (mainly applies for band sessions). This includes: load-in and instrument setup, microphone placement, getting sounds, level setting, data backup, CD burning, etc.

All mixes, CD-R’s, Hard Drives, Master Tapes, etc. shall remain the property of the studio until all invoices are paid in full.  Rough mixes will not be sent unless payment has been made.

Payment Policy:

A 50% deposit for each session will be required in order to confirm a session time slot. No new session will be booked without a deposit. This deposit will be credited towards the services you receive. The remaining half will be due as soon as the session has concluded.  If the session is extended, the remainder will reflect the appropriate amount.   Payments can be made in person in cash during standard business hours, debit/credit card, Paypal or Square.

Cancellation Policy: 

Please note that SweetSounds requires 48 hours (2 days) advance notice for any session reschedules. For cancellations, a 4 day notice is required. If any cancellations or reschedules are made later than these respective deadlines, SweetSounds reserves the right to charge 100% of the session total to the client.  (We hope this is not meant to be seen as punishment, but rather respecting the fact that we reserved time for you in advance, and refrained from taking other sessions.)

Data & Storage of Session Files:

SweetSounds will hold all client data on its servers for a period of 3 months after the session date. It is recommended that the client ALWAYS bring hard-drives or flash-drives to the session to collect all session data. If the client would like to keep session data on SweetSounds servers after a period of 3 months, an additional fee will be charged.  We are in no way obligated to deliver session files by any deadline created by clients.

If you choose not to take your files with you at your session, you are responsible for working together with us to get you your files around our existing schedule. SweetSounds is not responsible for session files due to any unforeseen event/circumstance, fire or major catastrophe which causes damage to studio or destroys session files.

No walk-ins :

A big part of what makes SweetSounds a great experience is preserving a peaceful, undisturbed environment.  For that reason, all consultations and sessions are booked by appointment only. 

SweetSounds is an elevated studio experience. We are a community and a haven, open to anyone who understands our vision and respects it. Bring your positive energy to SweetSounds and respect our creative and professional environment.  We respectfully reserve the right to deny any clients access to the studio access at any point in time.