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We thank you for all your business over the years. As of January 2017, SweetSounds is Closed!

SweetSounds Studio is everything you need in the modern recording world.  SweetSounds is an elevated studio experience, embodying the living breathing culture of SoHo and downtown NYC.  SweetSounds is a community representative of independent and signed artists who are looking to break through the noise, and focus on creating next level music.

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1-800-716-2088   |   594 Broadway, Suite 908, New York, NY 10012

We are excited to announce SWEETWORKS and the expanded SWEETWORKS 360 program, New York City's first co-working space for select artists, engineers and producers. With private studio access for everything from producing and tracking, to mixing and mastering, our flexible programs allow you to conceive, develop and critique projects at your own pace.


Production, Tracking, & Mixing Sessions

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SweetWorks 360:

Listening Sessions & Consultations

SweetWorks 360:

24/7 access to the Crosby Room

SweetWorks and SweetWorks 360:

Access to the Studio Lounge

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Members enjoy access to the Crosby Studio 7 days a week with an incredible view of SoHo and our wide array of gear and plugins  Pricing starts at $750/month for 20 hours of studio time at a 3 month commitment. Apply below to join the movement.


Members enjoy access to the Broadway Studio weekdays between the hours of 10:30am and 6:30pm and are free to work on projects, meet and network with like-minded professionals, and explore your creative vision.  Pricing starts at $500/month for 20 hours of studio time at a 3 month commitment.


Pricing will be monthly and payable month to month.  No long term commitments are required.